Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Fun!

Time for a quick catch-up post. We have been having one of the best summers ever! Our kids are at the perfect ages and have been having so much fun with them! I have billions more pictures than this but I picked one or two from all of our activities. Here goes:
We finally put grass in and we love to set up the whale pool for the kids. It tucker's them out nice for their nap time. :)
We've been to the lake a couple of times and our boys love it!
Isn't Jax a stud on the jet ski? Ryker loves to ride also.
We have gone to Superstition Mall a few Thursdays for the free show they put on. The boys enjoy the free snack and toy but their fave is the free carousel ride.
Here's Ryker's, enjoying the toy and show.
We decided to splurge and put Jax into swim lessons and we're glad we did. He loves it and is quite the swimmer.
We took the cub scouts on a field trip to Falcon field and my boys had a blast. The helicopter's were awesome!
We've been to Jungle Bounce a few times and the boys go nuts! There's a cute chick employee Jaxon latches onto and pulls around everywhere.

For Memorial day we spent it with my side of the fam at my grandparents house. The food and pool were just what we needed. We spent the 4th of July at my grandparents ranch in Colorado. It's a 14 hour drive one way (yuck) but my awesome dad rented a couple of RV's for us to ride up in. It really helped with the comfort level. We had so much fun! We don't get to vacation often (more like ever!) so this trip was a real treat for us. The boys were in their element-getting dirty and playing outside all day. Big thanks to my parents, family and grandparents for the vacation. We really loved it! All the pictures will be posted on my facebook page.