Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fresh from the garden- 136 5/16/13

We got our first vegetable from the garden! Check out this beauty. And yes, it tasted great-like the cucumber it was meant to be. Guess our thumbs are a little green after all!

Cuteness is not allowed! 135 5/15/13

Ryker was having a hard time picking out a pinata for his upcoming birthday because even if it appeared "cool" they all had a cute face which really bothered him. I assured him we could change the face to be awesome. He was quite pleased.

Happy girls- 134 5/14/13

Harlee always wants to hold her but this girl is growing right out of her arms. They were being too adorable to not take a picture.

Puffs- 133 5/13/13

Not a fan of those nasty puffs. Don't blame you sista!

Baby is 6 months! 132 5/12/13

Love this girl! She is finally sleeping through the night! Yay! 8pm-5 or 6. She's also getting on a pretty regular eating and napping schedule. She's still a bit high maintenance-needing me to hold her all the time and such-but she's been getting so fun. I completely love this stage! Here are her stats

w: 15lb 5oz 50th%
h: 26" 50th%
head- I don't remember the number but she's in the 97th%!!! Wow!

Neon Splash Dash 131 5/11/13

First 5K. I went with some friends and we had such a great time! I wish I could do all these races!

Summer fun! 130 5/10/13

I worked on this with my friend. Coming up with our summer bucket list with the kids. It's going to be an awesome summer! I can tell!

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake 129 5/9/13

So, someone on ebay was selling her lot of 17 dolls in awesome condition that she had kept since she was little. They even have their scent! I knew I would not come across such a great deal and I bought it. Ended up saving tons of money over my original plan of buying one at a time every now and then. It was important to me for the dolls to smell good and they do! Yay! I am so very excited about this. It is my Mother's day gift. I love getting these out with Harlee and playing. Building some memories!

Good big brother 128 5/8/13

Ryker can sure make his sister laugh as well. He completely adores this baby and would do anything for her. This was a special moment he really had her going!

Diaper heads 127 5/7/13

As punishment, Brian strapped a diaper to Ryker's head. Of course, it was more like NOT a punishment and a fun few moments we shared wearing diapers on our heads.

Grapefruit! 126 5/6/13

I discovered this year that I LOVE grapefruit! I mean, I liked it when I was young with a cup of sugar on it but I've never had it again because I couldn't eat it in a way that was good for me. A neighbor of ours gave us some to try and I was hooked! Shockingly enough, Ryker and Harlee love it as well! Ryker calls it "sweet fruit". I love when my kids love healthy things. Ryker and Harlee will also eat fish like salmon. I wish Jaxon would get on board. I still have hopes that he will someday.

Tea cups with plastic eggs 125 5/5/13

Stole this from family fun Magazine. The kids loved the cups but hated the herb tea I made. Ha ha-no surprise there!

Jaxon the artist 124 5/4/13

His favorite past time is to draw and I think he's awesome at it. I love how creative and talented he is at it. Oh, something Jaxon says a lot (unrelated to the drawing but needs to be mentioned) is "didn't you know..." He starts almost every sentence with that/ So funny!

Crazy hair day 123 5/3/13

The kids were sooooo excited for this day and even though it was just for Jaxon's school, I allowed them all to participate. Love my little darlings!

More swimming 122 05/02/13

Seriously, the best $25 ever spent. It even suffered a hole and I was able to patch it up and save us another $25 (because I would have replaced it). Loving summer!

Harlee tidbits 121 05/01/13

I need to record a couple of Harleeisms. 1. She calls butts "booty butt". Here is a sentence she may say "my booty butt hurts me". 2. I love how she says with. "I want to play dolls witch you". 3. I hear her almost daily singing "I am a Child of God". I told my friend who does music for nursery that she's doing a great job teaching the songs because Harlee knows that song word for word. It is so sweet and melts my heart to hear it.

1st winning bid! 120 04/30/13

I had a random memory pop in my head of my old strawberry shortcake dolls. They were the main things I played with constantly and I kick myself all the time for giving them away! Then I wondered if they were being sold on ebay. Sure enough. Since it could actually be expensive to buy all the ones I wanted, I decided it would be a good idea to buy one every now and then if there was a good deal. This was my first purchase. I was sad to get the package and smell her though. as cute as she is, she lost her sweet scent as smells old now. :( To be continued...

Baby kisses 119 04/29/13

She loves for me to play with her cheeks whether that's kissing, blowing, tickling, and pretty much anything.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AJ's exotic fruit tasting- 118 04/28/13

Seriously one of the funnest things we have ever done. We got a bunch of fruit we've never had and each took a turn trying and rating it. I highly recommend trying this. We will do this again with other things we've never tasted. So fun!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dollar store find 117 04/27/13

These giant blow up things are awesome! Can't believe they were only a buck. Has really kept the kids entertained.

Bye bye 2 front teeth! 116 04/26/13

One was super lose and I didn't think the other was ready but good 'ol Brian pulls anything. I couldn't stay in the house and watch (or listen). When Jaxon came outside to find me, he was crying and there was blood all over him. It looked like he had just been beat up. But he was happy to have his teeth gone. He looks so weird to me now (in a cute way).

Daddy of the year 116 04/25/13

She painted her nails and toes nails, my nails and toe nails, and then daddy's toes. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time. He sure adores his girls.

Carrots! 115 04/24/13

First time with the carrots and she kept pulling my hand toward her mouth. I guess she wasn't getting enough of them. I never got this again. She hasn't like them since. My kids are weird.

Pool time 114 04/23/13

Purchase of the year! My kids literally stay outside playing wonderfully ALL day long.

Fun Family Day 113 04/22/13

Brian had a fun idea. We went to Lee Lee's market with the kids. The minute we walked in, Harlee grabbed her nose and said "something stinks". Then, the crying began. She literally cried the entire time due to the smell. Which yes, it is pretty bad. We laughed the whole time. She only stopped when we finally made it to the back corner where the odor was coming from (and was very strong) which was where the fish tanks are. Some fun things we saw that the kids remember and talk about- whole fish in a basket, quail eggs, pink eggs, cookie sticks you dip into chocolate, the scary parking lot (where millions of Asians try to drive AND park...eeeeek!), and the big fish in the tanks.

After Lee Lee's we stopped by to visit some of our favorite people- the Lepetich's. They live on horse property and have a gazillion animals and there is always something new when we go. I got pictures on my phone I need to upload later but it was great fun (as usual). We just love visiting!

It was just a great and much needed family day! One to remember for sure!

Nom nom nom 112 04/21/13

I know I posted before about her sucking her toes but she wasn't going to town yet like she is here. I love this age for this exact reason.