Sunday, June 30, 2013

Face paint 166 6/15/13

We woke up and randomly Jaxon asks if I can paint his face. Of course the other children had to follow suit. I'm decent at it I think.
Also we went swimming and it was May's first time. Awe! She didn't like it or hate it. Kind of like "eh".

Worms in dirt-165 6/14/13

Haven't done this with my kids yet. It was a fun summertime activity.

RS activity-164 6/13/13

I never get to go to any relief society activities because they are always in the evenings and that's when Brian works. They provided nursery this time so I was way excited to go! It was fun seeing all the women in my ward. The best part was all the lemon desserts. Lemon is like my favorite. mmmmmmmmm. So delicious!

Mayzee 7 months! 163 6/12/13

She is so beautiful! She is becoming more and more mobile but still not crawling. No teeth which is odd by this time for my babies. Sleeps 9 hours a night. Eats baby food okay. My favorite thing about her is when she kicks her legs when she's excited. I just love this baby!

162 6/11/13

Date time! 161 6/10/13

We went and saw "see me now". I didn't like it while I was watching it but once it was done and Brian could explain it to me, I liked it. I hate movies where I have to think. I usually don't get it.

Movie night 160 6/9/13

I love this time of the day. My kids watch no TV except for one movie at night and they have to earn it. It's the only time of the day I get a break and it is very welcomed.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Holy hair cut! 159 6/8/13

I did it! A pixie cut! Never in all my years did I ever think for a second that I would do this. A freidn of mine recently got a mohawk and though that's a little much for me to try, I love how it looks on her and how she doesn't have to really do anything to it and it still looks awesome. I then desired for something short. I searched the web and thought about it for days and finally decided "it's just hair!!" The worst that happens is I don't like it and it grows back. I went for it and I totally love it! So fun, different, and easy! I never thought I had the face to pull it off either but the girl who cut it said you just need to be proportioned. So fun!

Silly girls 158 6/7/8

Jaxon wanted to take a picture of them. Harlee is all about wearing helmets.

Indoor bounce house time! 157 6/6/13

When it gets hot, we pull the bounce house out and have some cool indoor fun.

Jaxon with the May 156 6/5/13

He sure loves to make her laugh.

Toys 155 6/4/13

Their dad sure spoils them. He just can't help himself. Always buying toys!

Last awesome beach day *sigh 154 6/3/13

Cousins Matt and Lindsey happened to be in San Diego as well staying at a beach house so we went and visited them and their awesome beach! It was way better than the first one and we really enjoyed ourselves. So sad to leave. Oh, and as you can see, Harlee warmed up to sand being on her. :)

Legoland! 153 6/2/13

 Yep! We did the buy an adult hopper get the child free. Still overpriced in my opinion but we had a really great time.
 Harlee was barely not tall enough but we still snuck her on a few of the 36" and up rides. This was one of them and I was nervous because I thought for sure she'd cry but she giggled so much happiness. I'm sure passersby thought my grin was a little big for the occasion but I couldn't help it. Pure joy just makes the world right.

 The kids loved this cheesy and very lame show. Jaxon was cracking up like no other.
 I have a picture of myself sitting next to this guy picking his nose when I was a teenager.
 We also did the aquarium there. How cute is this? A Lego sand castle!
 They are pretending to be underwater.

Sooooooo, my rating for this park is a 3 out of 5. Great for small children under 7. Lots of fun stuff. The water stuff is fun too but in order to enjoy that it has to be hot and when it's hot, the crowds are massive, when there are crowds, lines are long. We didn't have the long lines quite yet but it would have been miserable if we did. The kids say it's more fun the Disneyland. We beg to differ and I think they just don't remember Disney. Oh, another downer to the park-they open at 10 and close at 6. Super lame!

California here we come! 152 6/1/13

We decided pretty last minute to go to the beach for the weekend. We were going to camp but no camp fires are allowed in Arizona right now (plus the beach is a thousand time better). So we left and told the kids we were going to see a big rock. The biggest in the world! And that we might sleep there. Brian's plan backfired when they were actually excited for the rock. So the top picture is the random rock we stopped at halfway there and the kids were quite impressed (I know, so funny!). This rock was in front of some war history museum so we went through it as well. It was pretty fun. Then it was time to go. The kids were sad to leave the rock. We finally arrived at the hotel and admitted to the kids we tricked them and we had another surprise. Then we headed for the beach. It was pretty cold (downer) but thankfully Brian found some crabs to save the day. They were all over catching crabs-the bigger ones in the rocks and the tiny ones that came up on the beach with the waves. I stuck a bucket in the water and caught a bucket full of those tiny ones while Brian sat there digging giant holes to try and capture one. It was funny. Brian took each boy into the water to enjoy the waves but they weren't super thrilled about it. So he stuck to the crabs and building sand castles. Harlee basically cried the whole time because she had sand on her feet. She kept saying "I want to go home and wash my feet". I just laughed the whole time. We decided the beach was not worthy of 3 days of fun so we left and planned for our next day...

Ryker in the baby position 151 5/31/13

I haven't seen him sleep like this in a couple years. It brought me back to his infant and toddler days.

Gettin my trend on 150 5/30/13

Went and got a mani pedi with the mama. I love spending time with her and I'm so happy she is making some changes in her life to get out and enjoy life! We got the gel polish on our nails that's supposed to last 21 days. I've got to say, this stuff is amazing! I usually start chipping paint the first day. By day 2 they are just gone. I am on day 11 and they are still perfect. I did my toes too and they are the same perfect condition. Quite amazing!

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Super Jo! 149 5/29/13

She wears Ryker's Spider man cape more than he does. She puts it on and makes me do the batman tune and say her name. Ha ha!

Grapefriut, no bueno 148 5/28/13

I could never get a funny enough picture but she gave the best sour faces after a taste for grapefruit. She had the kids and I laughing our butts off.

Memorial day with the Curtis Fam 147 5/27/13

It was such a fun day. We really enjoyed swimming at my parents house. I love family time! Pool was a little cold for me but I endured. :)

Daddy is so fun 146 5/26/13

He sure loves spending time with the kids. Always doing something fun. Here he is attempting to make magnetic slime. He conquered regular slime but of course has to go crazy with it. Sure am grateful for him.

May and uncle time 145 5/25/13

I don't know what it is but she is scared of nana, grandmas, aunts, girlfriends, but you put her in an uncles lap, she is happy as can be. She was snuggling up to uncle Scotty this particular day. All my kids love uncle Scotty though. He's a teddy bear.

Goggles 144 5/24/13

Another one of Rykers presents getting lots of use.

Ninja turtle sewer 143 5/23/13

Brian and I made a sewer for Rykers birthday to go with all the ninja turtles we ordered. They've spent hours playing with it.