Monday, March 18, 2013

Harlee potty training!!-77 3/18/13

Harlee got all wet and came down and stripped everything off. She was standing there waiting for a new diaper and Brian told her to go potty. So she went to the toilet and I stood there and waited for her. I was certain nothing would happen because I've done this a lot. She then asked for "pivacy" so I closed the door and walked away. She ran out 5 minutes later saying she had pooped. I chased her back to the bathroom and sure enough!! She didn't have an accident the rest of the day but now she thinks she is supposed to get her picture taken every time she goes. Ha ha!

Green Day- 76 3/17/13

 I read an article today from a woman who is sick of people turning miniscule holidays into big ones. oooops, she would hate me. I don't know why but I feel this need to turn anything into something big and special. I love all the traditions our family has started. I'm not trying to impress anyone and I don't think less of a mother who doesn't do anything extra. It's just something I really enjoy and want to do. So, for those of you irritated by it, sorry but I'm not going to stop because you don't like doing this stuff. ANYWAY,  for breakfast I dyed a few things green which in reality was pointless because we played a game. Since this day is about luck I told them how lucky they were to have eyes and wanted them to eat breakfast without them. Ha ha (see, no real need to color the food)! Lame, I know but they thought it was fun and hilarious. I also had a scavenger hunt for them when they woke up. Those cups have "gold" in them!
 We all had a lucky shirt. I am so obsessed with this color. Naturally, this is a favorite day of mine.
 Then for dinner we talked about how lucky we are to have hands. Ha ha! This was so fun. Definitely a new tradition for us.
It was a really fun day and I look forward to next year! It really didn't take any planning or preparation and it was something fun and different to do.

Chapstick!!!!-75 3/16/13

She picked this our from the dollar section @ Target. She smears it all over her face all day. She cracks me up!

Edible paint-74 3/15/13

We've done this once before. It's a fun and easy time consuming activity for the kiddos. We dye sweetened condensed milk and paint popcorn, marshmallows, cereal, etc. 

I thought this was sweet. She wishes she was a baby too. She kinda still is.

Seed starter-73 3/14/13

Planting seeds of pumpkin, watermelon, corn, cantaloup, and squash. We are all excited to see our sprouts growing everyday! See, we are obsessed.

Park day-72 3/13/13

I love spring break and having my boys home. We can do whatever we want, whenever we want including hanging with our homey's.

Mayzee is 4 months!- 71 3/12/13

She had her 4 month well a week before. She weighed just under 13 lbs. I can't tell you her height because they didn't tell me. I do know it was in the 25th percentile. And I also can't tell you the head measurement but it was above the 75th percentile (shocker. My kids are melon heads). We tried out a new doctor and I'm not impressed. The idiot lady who gave her her shots did them SLOW and painful. She inserted the needle s l o w l y and injected the vaccine s l o w l y. I am used to it being fast and done in 5 seconds. I was so made at this lady. I will ask for someone different next time. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I was spoiled with my other doctor but it was torture having her go through that. I was one pissed off mama. Even though this child has been a handful lately and not sleeping well all of a sudden, I do still adore her and love her happy face (for those few moments a day when she is happy).

Sleep over-70 3/11/13

The boys went and slept over and the Ridgeways house and Lucy came to ours. These girls were so cute together! I loved hearing their girly squeals. I'm glad Harlee has her-she doesn't have any other girl cousins her age.

Mom turns 50- 69 3/10/13

I put together a present all about my mom. It was a lot of fun. Can't believe she is 50. I sure love her!

Trees and lady bugs- 68 3/9/13

We planted a peach and bloody (according to Jaxon) orange tree. I love when he tells people "we got a bloody orange tree". Ha ha! We also bought some cute little ladies. I had no idea you could buy a bucket of them. They were so cute!

Our first garden!-67 3/8/13

We have a new passion/obsession. We are at the nursery ALL the time now.

Sisters-66 3/7/13

Mayzee is starting to outgrow her arms but Harlee could care less. She is in love with this baby.

Sibling love- 65 3/6/13

I can't tell if they are hugging her or smothering her. She sure knows how to push their buttons. Ryker the other day in frustration towards her said "2 year old's are bad! I hate 2 year old's!". Me laughing at him didn't help his anger.

Sleeping beauty- 64 3/5/12

I have finally gotten smart and purchased outfits on clearance when they are out of season. I got this for $3! Along with 4 other cute outfits for $3 each. It's warm enough for her to wear them and I've already purchased next years winter stuff. I'm addicted. CLEARANCE rocks!

Mayzee first hair cut- 63 3/4/13

This exact thing happened with Harlee. My girls get this nasty patch of gnarly hair on the top of their heads and the comb over it creates is so not cool. Ah! So much better! Now if only I could fix the massive bald spot on the back...

Sunday pictures- 62 3/3/13

Ryker is running around the house taking random pictures of objects. This was the only one worth posting.

Injury protocol-61 3/2/13

I probably don't go a single day without a band-aid required injury. this particular day, I was busy and not able to get Harlee a band aid but Jaxon was on it. He got out the band aid, smeared Neosporin on it and brought it to her. He is such a good helper.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mayzee's 1st trip to the track-60

I haven't been to BMX in a while. Good thing grandma Bonnie was there to help me wrangle Ryker and Harlee while Jaxon raced. Otherwise I would not have survived.

Daddy and daughter-59

Her ears are really enhanced in this photo. :)

Ryker's key chain- 57

ooops, went out of order again. Anyway, Ryker found a key chain and has been finding as many keys and other key chains to add with it. He one time took the car keys and we spent forever looking for them. He has it attached to his back pack. He thinks he's super cool.

Thirty one- 58

I ran into a Thirty One consultant at a carnival I was selling jewelery at and loved the stuff so much I became a consultant myself. I have no interest at all in making money from this or pressuring people to buy it. It is pretty pricey. I only did it because the starting kit came with tons of stuff for such a small price and then I would get a good discount on anything else I want in the future. If any of you happen to be interested, I will sell it to you tax and shipping free. The two things up there are what came in the kit. There was a ton of other stuff. I love it!

All smiles- 56

I was giving the kids a bath and looked over and saw this little angel grinning at me.

9 years-55

Since Brian would be working on our actual anniversary, the 28th, we decided to celebrate a little early when he had a day off. We went to Morton's since we had a gift card. My awesome bro Craig and his girlfriend looked after our kiddos. We didn't make too big a deal of this year but we already booked next years'! We have always said we'd do a cruise for our 10 year and because of the Carnival mishap, rates right now are way cheap so we are going on a 7 day to the Caribbean next year! I am so very very excited! We both are. Happy anniversary my love! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tough Mudder!-54

This was the most crazy, amazing and best kind of fun I think I've ever had. If you've never heard of it, look it up. I did 18 of the 21 obstacles. I skipped the 2 electric shock ones (why they are even there is beyond me! I did try the first one and got shocked and it was the scariest feeling. I thought it smart not to do it). And the other one was a water swim under a fence. I could have done it but it was one of the last ones and I was so cold and so damp that the thought of getting completely wet again made me want to die. I am such a wimp when it comes to coldness. I will definitely do it again next year! I can't wait!


It is easiest to do Paleo this time of the year for this reason. I love buying berries from Costco! It is what curbs my sweet tooth and gets me through the day.

Post baby-pre tough mudder-52

A month before Mayzee was born, my family signed up for a crazy and lengthy 11 mile obstacle course type dealio. It was scheduled for February 23rd which was a little nerve wracking since Mayzee would come mid November and then I would need time to recover and get passed the holidays and try to train in less than 2 months. BUT, I was excited for the challenge and the motivation to lose that baby weight. Can I just say, it was the motivation I needed or it would have taken much longer to lose the weight. I sacrificed a lot of sleep and even time with my kids to prepare. It was a grueling 8 weeks but I was so proud to have done it. So between the intense exercising (p90x 3 days and long distance on the treadmill 3 other days) and Paleo, I achieved my goals. I am so proud of myself. Now that tough mudder is over, I can take it a little easier on the exercising and sleep in more (ah!). Until next year...