Sunday, January 12, 2014


 These two are besties.
 I don't know what it is with my kids wanting their picture taken in front of these candy canes but they all do it.
 Temple lights were fun this year!
 This was hilarious to watch. Harlee steered where Brian was to go. It was fun watching her make him walk into walls.
 Finally picked the protected orange. Brian has been saving this all summer and fall.

 Stuck. Ha ha!

 Poor kid got pneumonia. He had it all through Christmas but we thought it was just a nasty cough. Took him in a couple days later and had to get a chest x-ray done and sure enough!
 We bought bunnies. The kids are loving them. Mayzee loves to be in the backyard and chase them around. Better than having a dog at least.

And some more again...

 These kids love doing the once a month free craft at Home Depot. We hadn't gone since before Mayzee was born. They were so excited and remind me every month about it!
 We bought a piano for $100. I decided to paint it. It looks pretty fun in our house.

 Baseball season at Castlegate again. Boys both played coach pitch on the same team. They loved it! I signed them up for little league. I am super excited about that!
 My angel turned one. Life just isn't fair. She is a pretty needy child as far as attention goes. It's been a little rough but on the flip side, she is such a sweetie. She is pretty shy and does this thing where is she is sad, shy, or gets in trouble, she bends her knees and sets her head on the ground. Sometimes she whines a little. It's pretty funny. She waves at herself in the mirror. She points to things she wants. She's a picky little eater but she does enjoy eating. She wasn't quite walking when she turned one but a few weeks later she was up and gone. Her siblings love her to pieces! This is the funnest age and I want to gobble her up more and more everyday!

and more...

 Poor Mayzee was sick with rosiola and this was trunk or treat night. She was still sick on Halloween and Jaxon came down with strep throat. I took Harlee and Ryker trick or treating but Harlee was complaining so bad (about who knows what!) that I took her home after only one house. So it was just me and Ryker. We had a lot of fun. He even brought home candy for Jaxon. He has been the sweetest of sweeties lately!

 Our fun little party with the Brinson's!
 Vertuccio farms is literally the best!
 Jaxon had a musical at his school. I didn't tell him this but it was the dumbest thing I've had to go to at school. The songs were lame, the music teachers weren't really digging it (it seemed) and only a few kids did stuff. The rest were hidden doing whatever.

 We went on a camping trip with friends (the Openshaws) and this is our return. I was bad at getting pics of the kids. We were all pretty dang filthy!
 My sweet little at 10 months.

 We got to shoot guns on the camp out. It was super cool!

Ryker and Jaxon shot some. They were excited.

1st bit of randomness

Has it really been since September!? How embarrassing.  Well, I'm going to quickly back track and then get on with the exciting new adventures coming to us in 2014!
 Out first child with stitches. Jaxon learned jumping on furniture is NOT worth it! It was pretty nasty. I had to leave the hospital room a few times. I learned that I am definitely not meant to be in the health field. This happened back in August so now it's just a pretty scar. Oh yeah, and his dad removed the stitches. Never use a doctor for that if it will cost you. It's way too easy to do yourself.

 Putting that bubble in his mouth at school.
 Pretty birthday girl had a Minnie mouse birthday. 3 years. :( I have to say, she has become a lot more difficult at 3 years old. Her tantrums are terrible (Ryker broke us in as far as tantrums go so we handle it well), she is very independent, she was the earliest to potty train but the worst and having weeks of random accidents, and she is high maintenance. BUT, it is a price we gladly pay. She literally gives the best hugs in the world! She tells me all the time "You're the best mommy in the whole world". I love it when she whispers it in my ear. She loves her whole family and pretty much everyone else in the world. She is so sweet to her siblings and anytime I give her a snack she wants enough to share with them. She LOVES to sing. Her favorite song is "so what" by Pink. Her latest favorite is the song in Frozen. She knows almost the whole thing. She is cuter than words and not the little girl I pictured having. I am amazed by my children and love her so very much.

This handsome little man turned 7. He relics in teasing me about it because he knows how much I hate them growing up. He loves to sit and tell me how big he's getting. He finds it hilarious that I complain about it. Jaxon is the quiet leader of the pack. He can be pretty bossy being the oldest but when he is trying hard, he can be very encouraging and loving to his siblings. He is the social butterfly at school. When I walk him to the playground, almost every kid knows him and says hi. We have him in our primary class this year and he is the goofy one that makes everyone laugh. He's like his dad in that way. He works really hard and for the most part, listens. He loves to craft and play outside. They got mountain bikes for Christmas and he is very impressed with the things he is capable of on his bike. I love this amazing little boy so much! How am I so blessed?
11 months old. I forgot to get a pic that day except for this one.