Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Years!

I really hope they never take away being able to explode fireworks on holidays away from us ever again! It is just too much fun! We had a great time with some friends. I could have stayed up until the wee hours of the morning but we have 8am church which I ended up ditching and sending Brian to do our nursery calling anyway. Oooooops. 2011 is going to be hard to beat but 2012 is going to be one awesome year as well! I can feel it!


This was a fun holiday season for us. Though Christmas day was amazing, the week leading up to it was just plain awful. Our family, except Brian, got some sort of stomach bug. We usually host Christmas Eve for Brians family and it wasn't until Friday night when I felt myself getting a little sickly after cleaning up vomit from 3 kids all week, that Brian decided we were going to cancel the party. I was so sad but relieved at the same time. I had already planned and purchased all the food but all other preparations were put on hold because of the sick kiddos. Sure enough, I was sick that night and so grateful we had cancelled it. My only hope at that point was that I would be well enough to wrap presents and have a good Christmas on Sunday. My prayers were answered and we had one fantastic Christmas day. My parents outdid themselves with the Christmas meal. It was so very pretty and so very delicious. They do such a great job! It was the best Christmas yet!


I posted ALL of our Disney;and photos on FB with details about a lot of them. I have very few blogger friends that don't have FB (You know who you are-get in the loop and get a FB account!). Anyway, I'm not writing any descriptions because that would just take too long. Here are just our pictures of our first and well earned family vacation. So grateful we were able to go and for the memories we will have forever!


I hosted Thanksgiving this year for the first time and only got one picture. Not that I decorate cute or have fancy tables but the food is usually nice looking. :) I fried a turkey for the first time and just completely loved every minute of preparing a Thanksgiving feast. I was meant to be in the kitchen for sure!

This is a picture with Brian's grandpa- Grandpa Lee. He is such a sweet man and I'm so glad he was able to come. It was a nice day.


Halloween gets better every year. My kids literally couldn't stop talking about Halloween and Halloween decorations until the day of Christmas when they realized an even better holiday exists.
Pumpkin carving!
Jaxon insisted on being black spiderman and Ryker was happy to be the regular spiderman. Although I hate these types of costumes, it was nice that it was easy and they were cheap. They REALLY loved them and if they're happy, bla bla bla. Maybe this year I can get them on board with something cooler.
We went trunk or treating with cousins. Super fun to walk the distance of 50 cars instead of 50 houses. Ingenious idea!

I had this made after I saw it online somewhere. She was determined that I wouldn't get a good shot of her and I didn't get what I'd hoped but these will work. Love this girl!

Tee Ball!!

The Boys started on their first tee ball team. It was so fun! Ryker was a little young and didn't have much patience for it. He also didn't like when someone else snabbed the ball before he could but other than that, we enjoyed it. Oh, and this was back in September. I'm trying to catch up today.

This was the first game. See how patient Ryker is- he's up in his ready position eager for that ball to come.

Jaxon was a hot shot chasing the ball around on the field.