Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jax is 6 and Ryker does BMX for the first time

On Jaxon's birthday, we took him to the BMX track and let Ryker also try it for the first time. Ryker had been wanting to do it for so long but couldn't since he wasn't able to ride without training wheels. FINALLY, we were able to reward him for accomplishing riding his bike. He was in heaven. I loved watching my boys riding out there. I've never seen them so happy.

Harlee's first (unwanted) hair cut

I was mortified to come home one day to find that both my boys abetted in cutting her hair. I was sad but grateful because they could have done much worse. These were taken right before her appointment to get it fixed. Her birthday post has pictures with her new doo. I think it turned out so cute!


I don't know if my kids actually like playing. They are excited to go but they ask throughout most of it if it's over yet. They don't do that with biking. Sniffle, sniffle. I really wanted my kids to play baseball. Oh, well. Maybe my girls will enjoy it more.

Superstition Farm

Ryker's first field trip. It was actually a really cool farm. We will probably go again. Do you see the picture of Ryker feeding the goat? My kids can't get enough of animals. They are their father's children.

My little rat

This little girl cracks me up and drives me nuts at the identical times.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1st days of scool

 This was Jaxon's first day at the public school by our house.
 Harlee had to be apart of the show, of course.
 Ryker's first day of preschool and he could not be more thrilled. He loves it sooooo much!
Jaxon's second first day less than 2 weeks later. We decided to change schools and now he's at legacy. We are happy with our decision and he's doing so well there!


Jaxon's first time doing BMX. He was the smallest and cutest one out there. He came to me in tears when he fell the first time but was determined to conquer those hills. He could ride forever I think.


I really don't even remember how he got this ugly bump. I would assume he was doing something I had asked him repeatedly not to do and found myself in a moment where it was hard to show sympathy but I could be totally wrong.


Jaxon has had a hernia since he was a baby. We finally got it fixed. All went very well and he enjoyed every bit of attention he got from it. It was also no surprise when he ran up to strangers in the parking lot with his shirt up. That's my Jaxon!

Randomness and 4th of July

It's a girl!


We are expecting our 4th and final baby on or hopefully before 11/16. We decided to do a gender reveal party. It was so hard not to open that envelope after the ultra sound. One of the hardest things I've had to do but turned out to be so worth it. My friend made this adorable cake and we found out it's a girl. 2 and 2- seriously?? I couldn't believe it. So excited to welcome another princess. Her name will be Mayzee J.

Swim Lessons!

Jaxon Graduates!

Ryker 4th birthday

@ Chuck E Cheese. Can't believe this bubbly boy is 4! He is my most active and crazy kid and I adore him to pieces. Love you sweet boy!