Friday, November 30, 2012


Even though I had had Mayzee just a week prior, I still insisted on hosting my families Thanksgiving. I was beyond exhausted when all was said and done but man, I loved every minute!

She's here!

 Mayzee Lee Taylor was born 11/12/12. 7lb 10oz 20.5". Her birth story is my favorite of all my kids. Just like Ryker and Harlee, I was scheduled to be induced. I was SOOOOO excited! I woke up early on the 12th, got ready, woke the kids up, and got them ready. Just as I'm ready to load the car, we get a call from the hospital. They have to move us back and they had no idea when we would be able to come in. Grrrrrrr. 12pm came and still no call. I decided to make the best of it and took the boys shopping. I felt much better after that. About 3 pm came and I started getting contractions. Nothing out of the ordinary but when 4pm came, I decided to keep track of them. By 5 pm they were consistently 5 min apart and growing in strength. I decided to wait until 6pm to go to the hospital because I thought there was a chance it was in my head because just like Ryker and Harlee, even though I was scheduled to be induced with them, I went into labor anyway and I thought how crazy it would be for the same thing to happen a 3rd time. By 6pm I knew it was real and off we went. I thought I was okay until the car ride and they became VERY intense. I didn't think much of it still though because I remember them getting that bad and sitting at 5 centimeters for several hours. I figured I was probably at a 5. When we got to the hospital, I could barely walk from the parking lot. We got in and I was at a 7!! Holy! Yes, my excitement was through the roof. Knowing she was coming that soon and I wouldn't be laboring all night brought me great joy. I had just enough time to get that magical epidural and an hour later with 2 contractions worth of pushing, she was out! She came to us with the chubbiest face and most hair out of all my kids. I was up all night just staring at her and so thrilled with how she arrived. It was a beautiful day and another reminder to me that things happen for a reason. I hate my schedule to be thrown off and when I got the call that morning that I wouldn't be going in right away, I was sad but thought there must be a reason for it. How grateful I am that I didn't get induced. But seriously, if I were to have more kids, I would schedule inductions only because they seem to come on their own the day I plan for anyway. :) Mayzee has been a wonderful daughter and sister. She is the perfect little addition and book end to our family. Her siblings love her more than anything and are the sweetest little helpers. Also, having Mayzee means I finally get to stay home with the kids and quit my job. It has been a long time in coming (9 years) and I am so grateful to be at this point in my life. Welcome to our family miss Mayzee. We love and adore you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012



Yep, we did it. We blew $50 for a whopping 30 minutes of fun. Those tickets don't go very far with 3 kids. Other than it was not long enough of the fun for them, they still had a great time.

Harlee turns 2

Oh this little girl. I love her dearly and can't believe some days that she's mine. She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I can't imagine life without her.

Jaxon's birthday party

Jaxon had a Halloween theme this year. I can't believe he's 6!!! He is such a sweet and smart boy and I am so grateful to be his mama.

Jaxon Loses first tooth

The day after Jaxon's 6th birthday, we finally got that lose tooth out. Brian had been trying for weeks to let him pull it out some fun way- floss tied to a door- but Jaxon refused and cried every time we brought it up. Finally, it was lose enough that even I agreed it was time to just pull it. Again, Jaxon protested so we had to trick him. Brian asked to take a look at it to see how lose it was and then BAM! pulled down and it came right out. Jaxon was half in tears and excitement. It took a minute for him to understand what just happened but when he realized his tooth was finally out, you couldn't get him to stop smiling. It was cute and he got his visit from the tooth fairy. It's so fun being parents!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jax is 6 and Ryker does BMX for the first time

On Jaxon's birthday, we took him to the BMX track and let Ryker also try it for the first time. Ryker had been wanting to do it for so long but couldn't since he wasn't able to ride without training wheels. FINALLY, we were able to reward him for accomplishing riding his bike. He was in heaven. I loved watching my boys riding out there. I've never seen them so happy.

Harlee's first (unwanted) hair cut

I was mortified to come home one day to find that both my boys abetted in cutting her hair. I was sad but grateful because they could have done much worse. These were taken right before her appointment to get it fixed. Her birthday post has pictures with her new doo. I think it turned out so cute!


I don't know if my kids actually like playing. They are excited to go but they ask throughout most of it if it's over yet. They don't do that with biking. Sniffle, sniffle. I really wanted my kids to play baseball. Oh, well. Maybe my girls will enjoy it more.

Superstition Farm

Ryker's first field trip. It was actually a really cool farm. We will probably go again. Do you see the picture of Ryker feeding the goat? My kids can't get enough of animals. They are their father's children.