Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harlee turns one. BOO HOO!

Classic Harlee grin. She has a sweet picture taking grin and then this sillier one. It's my favorite. These outside pictures were taken the day of her birthday.

Not afraid to get her hands dirty- That's my girl!
"Yes, I'm quite pleased with myself, thank you."

What can I say about our miss Harlee Jo (besides being the most beautiful and amazing daughter in the whole world *unbiased observation of course)? I know for sure that at her rattiest, bugary, tired, crankiest mess, I still couldn't be prouder. Thank you Jo, for a wonderful first year. I love you, baby.

Doctor's Appt on the 11th:
Weight: 19lbs 3oz- 25%
Height: 29"- 50%
Head: 18.25"- 75-90% (ha ha)

Jaxon's 5th birthday party

I was a little crazy this year. I let Jaxon have a sleep over for his birthday and then had Harlee's birthday the very next morning. AND GUESS WHAT!? I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! It all went so much better then I could have imagined. The kids all got along, they seemed to have fun and most importantly, Jaxon had a great birthday! They painted pumpkin jars, hit open a pinata, played on the tramp, destroyed the house, and got about 5-6 hours of sleep. Ha ha! Can't wait for next year! :)

At the Farm

Jaxon's class went to the farm on a field trip. It's the same one we go to every year as a family- Vertuccio farms. The price is good and they have so many fun things to do there! We had a GREAT time! Our favorite was this giant "air pillow" they've got. Even us old folk joined in the fun. I want one in my backyard. I lost a pound that day after jumping and running around on it. Ha ha!

Harlee's 11th month

When I have her hair like this, my family calls her a "who". Very sweet if you ask me.

Dove hunting-yuck

Thankfully, I decided to sit this one out this year. I don't get the excitement but it's wonderful that my boys have a tradition with their dad each year. They were so looking forward to it and had a great time- fetching the dead birds.

Swimming Fun!

You'd think they were fish! They are pretty photo-genic kids but get them under the water, and you're just in for a treat!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I hate getting older

Why do birthdays bother me so much now? I hate the idea of this time in my life moving past me so quickly. Even when I was younger, looking through photo albums of my siblings when they were young made me tear up and long to relive those moments. I have always been a worrier. Think too much about the future and the "what may comes". Maybe that's my issue. Time to get over that! I turned 29 today. I can still celebrate-I'm not 30 YET! I can't guarantee that I will make it with a smile through my next birthday but I will enjoy my last and final wonderful year in my 20's. I love my 20's! A lot of amazing and most of the best things in my life happened during this time. Hopefully all of that can just shift and continue as I turn 30 (ugh, *shutter*). Until then, happy 29th birthday to me! Thanks hubby for making it a special day. And Applebee's, your service was wonderful, the food was delicious and your singing voices were to par. To the kiddos, you were pleasant at the restaurant and 2 out of 3 of you were good all day. (Ryker on my birthday = finding guest bath filled with toilet paper, flushing latex glove down toilet (at least you owned up right away and notified proper authorities), broken soap dispenser, crayon on door and wall, broken crayons, Vick's Vapor rub on self and brothers bed, and lemon and almond extract on self). Hope you got it all out of your system Mister!!

Jaxon's first day of preschool!

Jaxon has been looking forward to this for a very long time. He was so ready today! I was proud of myself. I didn't tear up a bit. I was excited for him. Maybe it's because it's only 2 hours at a time and I do miss him but I know he's loving it and it will be short. My awesome friend Kristen moved close to us and started up a preschool and she has exceeded my expectations. The room is set up so cute and Jaxon learned a lot in just the first day. It will be a fun year. We can save the waterworks until next year.

Harlee is 10 months!

This girl was not having the whole "dress me up and smile and squeal at me to smile for pictures" bit. I should know by now that picture time should not be when it works best into my schedule but when it works best for this little pistol. This top pic was the best I could get out of her.
They insisted, as usual, to be in the picture with her. I loved how I caught this because as you can see, Harlee is hurting Jaxon (which he didn't admit. He was either acting tough or adores his sister so much that she can do no wrong. I choose to believe the latter) and Ryker's true feelings for her are showing through though he doesn't always admit as freely that he loves her.
Harlee is taking steps and both boys are so excited about it. They love to help her along. Some nicknames they have deemed for her- pretty girl, pretty princess, and big girl (this is a new one with the walking and all).
Can they be any sweeter? They are very similar on the outer and and in the inner. They truly love each other and it melts my heart.
This is how she was most of the photo session. Her minor cold probably contributed. She's cute no matter what though. Love you daughter!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harlee is 9 months

She doesn't wear dresses that often lately because she crawls now. Skirts really get in the way and she's not quite sure how to handle it but to glare at the dress.
I love this.
This is how she looks when she sees one of her brothers. She loves them so much.

Sick again. Seriously.

Tis the season for my kids to get sick and stay sick. It has been, to be honest, a miserable summer in that aspect. Poor Ryker had another wheezing episode (had the same thing happen last year at this time). This time they gave us a machine to take home and keep. Poor kid. He also had ANOTHER ear infection. I guess his allergies aren't super great. On top of all that, Harlee is teething and big time! I really miss sleep. Sleep, can we please meet up sometime soon? I'm having a hard time without you.

4th of July

We have an awesome large brick square area in our backyard which is perfect for fireworks. We are grateful San Tan Valley allows us to purchase and use fireworks. We have had a lot of fun the last year because of it. Here we are just before lighting everything off. We enjoy it more than driving somewhere crowded, sitting in a crowd, and trying to leave with the crowd. It was a fun day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All 3 kiddos got ear infections at the same time. Ryker was complaining of ear pain so I took him in. Meanwhile, Jaxon's sore eye was getting worse by the minute. When the doc was done examining Ryker, she suggested checking Jaxon in for his eye. Turns out he had pink eye with the ear infection. Aren't my boys too old for this ear infection crap? As I drove away I thought "I should have had them check Harlee since today is a Friday". Sure enough, she was up screaming all night. Took her too urgent care the next day and ear infection #3. Might as well, right? I'm already dishing out medicine. I found my boys like this shortly after the doctor. Ryker is aiding his poor sick brother. They can be so sweet (sometimes).


I know, right? I am so excited!

Harlee Jo @ 8 months

My oh my how this little girl has changed in the last month! She's got her two bottom teeth, she crawls, she pulls up, and she's more beautiful than ever! She is just barely getting over her second ear infection within the last month and is as happy as can be. She loves her brothers and loves pretty much anyone else who will smile at her. I don't know what I'd do without her little ray sunshine beaming throughout the house.