Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween and the FAIR!!!

Halloween was so perfect this year! We found the perfect costumes for the perfect price and the weather was perfect-cold so my babies weren't hot all night! Jaxon loved being a dragon and painting his face. Ryker surprisingly wore his costume and let me paint his face too!

Brian just had to get these weird contacts. He all but cried trying to get them out. :)
Jaxon and Klayton got tired at trunk or treat had rested in some bushes.
Ryker pretty much whined all of trunk or treat. He was much happier on Halloween but I sadly didn't get a better picture of him.

We didn't carve pumpkins until Sunday...we just did not have time before Halloween to do it.

So we went to the fair yesterday and had so much fun!! It was how I remembered it as a kid. Indian Fried bread, rides, and prizes.
This was our fave. Both Jaxon and Ryker went through this mirror house and both kept running into the windows. It was so funny! It looked painful but they didn't notice. They loved it and everyone watching laughed at them every time they hit a wall. :) ha ha ha! This picture was taken of Ryker seconds before hitting the window.
Jaxon wasn't quite tall enough to ride ride's alone but the fair people don't question anything so we let him and he was so proud of himself. I went on a spinning ride with him and he giggled the whole time. No sound makes a mother happier, well, besides no sound-that's nice too.I really don't like this ride but Jaxon does. Heights freak me out. Ryker went on a horse ride while Jaxon and I did some others' since he wasn't tall enough at all. He loved it though. He was a good sport.

We also did the photo booth and charactertures (sp?). If I can figure out how to scan them, I'll post because they are super cute! Can't wait to go again next year!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 Reasons why I love Winter! & pix of the corn maze

1. Cheaper Utility bills-except for water, those hot showers are hard to break away from.
2. Can take kids out of the house and play at the park!
3. Sleep is so much better!
4. I don't have to shave my legs as often. :)
5. Cold air just smells better, right?
6. Can use my oven in the middle of the afternoon (no seriously, I am loving that!).
7. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season.
8. I like my winter clothes better than my summer ones.
9. I can leave butter on the counter and it won't melt.
10. Getting cozy by a fire with my family!

The boys liked pretending to milk the cow.

The tractor ride.

Jaxon loved to lead us through the corn maze. We couldn't find any of the hole punches. Are they even really there?

These things were so cool! We want them!

The boys really like rocks. Here is Jaxon showing Ryker a rock.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jaxon's 3rd Birthday

Another fun Jaxon birthday. Actually, this was the first of my kids' birthdays that most of our friends were able to come to, which turned out to be a good thing because most of my side of the fam wasn't able to make it. Here's a few pix in random order. I have tons more but not the time to post them all. Maybe I will on facebook...

Jaxon sang happy birthday with us of course. He loved his Iron Man cake!
Grandma and Grandpa bought him some little frogs. What little boy doesn't love that?
Ryker's cute attempt at the pinata.
Couldn't find an Iron man one so we went with the next best thing...dinosaur!
This is their Christmas present so we pretended to rent it for the day. This bouncer turned out a lot bigger than expected and the kids had a blast!

We let Jaxon open his present from us the day before (his actual birthday anyway). Can't go wrong with a big Iron Man. He carries it everywhere! Plus we knew if we didn't give it to him then, it would be trumped by the grandparents present's at the party. :)
A chick-fil-e opened up by us and has a play thing. We sooooo needed that. We took Jax there and he had so much fun!
I took a gazillion shots to get this one. I couldn't get the kid to sit still! I just want to say how much I love this little dude! He has brought more joy to our lives than we ever imagined. It's weird to look at him and see this little boy and not the baby I like to think he is. Thank you Jaxon for being such a great son and also for being an example to me. I pray more than anything for you to continue to be the little happy ball of sunshine you are. We love you!

Thanks again to everyone who came. We have awesome friends. Also thanks to my parents for lending their empty house to us for the night. It was so nice!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Fun!

Time for a quick catch-up post. We have been having one of the best summers ever! Our kids are at the perfect ages and have been having so much fun with them! I have billions more pictures than this but I picked one or two from all of our activities. Here goes:
We finally put grass in and we love to set up the whale pool for the kids. It tucker's them out nice for their nap time. :)
We've been to the lake a couple of times and our boys love it!
Isn't Jax a stud on the jet ski? Ryker loves to ride also.
We have gone to Superstition Mall a few Thursdays for the free show they put on. The boys enjoy the free snack and toy but their fave is the free carousel ride.
Here's Ryker's, enjoying the toy and show.
We decided to splurge and put Jax into swim lessons and we're glad we did. He loves it and is quite the swimmer.
We took the cub scouts on a field trip to Falcon field and my boys had a blast. The helicopter's were awesome!
We've been to Jungle Bounce a few times and the boys go nuts! There's a cute chick employee Jaxon latches onto and pulls around everywhere.

For Memorial day we spent it with my side of the fam at my grandparents house. The food and pool were just what we needed. We spent the 4th of July at my grandparents ranch in Colorado. It's a 14 hour drive one way (yuck) but my awesome dad rented a couple of RV's for us to ride up in. It really helped with the comfort level. We had so much fun! We don't get to vacation often (more like ever!) so this trip was a real treat for us. The boys were in their element-getting dirty and playing outside all day. Big thanks to my parents, family and grandparents for the vacation. We really loved it! All the pictures will be posted on my facebook page.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ryker Party

Isn't this a great picture (nice job Shell!)? Brian stops Ryker from touching the flame right as the candle is being blown out.
These two friends sat right here, at least half of the time, pigging out on cheetos and M&M's.
Ryker loved his cake! I made a separate cake, without fondant, for him to dig into. I love these moments!

Ironically, his favorite present was the green ball-the least expensive of them all. Thanks Kaeden and Sheeva!
Our buddy Rustin was kind enough to help Ryker open his thoughtful! :)
We were so excited to borrow this water slide and thought the kids would love it. Well, Jaxon ended up being the only one to climb up and down and after a half hour, all the kids had enough. Maybe we'll try again next year. Here is our happy birthday boy at the end of the day. With cake in his belly and frosting in his hair, he was ready for a nice long nap. Thanks to everyone who came and made the day so much fun! We love you all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Baby Turns One!!

I cannot believe it has been a year already since this happy little butterball graced our lives. Since we're throwing him a party Saturday, we didn't do the regular b-day stuff today but we did take him to McDonalds to play for the first time. He LOVED it! Here he is laughing at me. For some reason he thought it was funny when I leaned over to share my ice cream cone.

I had to go with him through the kiddie tubes (yuck!) and he was so excited, he didn't know what to do with himself. He loved every bit of it until we came out the end of the slide and he realized we weren't in them anymore. :)
See, he's happy long enough to snap a picture and then next is the screaming of bloody murder!
I think Jaxon is finally getting a little more photogenic for me. Thanks son!
I loved his ice cream face but Mr. grumpy pants daddy kept wiping it off!
Here's a picture from earlier this week when Ryker fell asleep on our jet-ski ride at the lake.I was just helping my mommy hang up the clothes. I don't know why she's laughing so hard. :) (In case you can't tell, those are my shorts!)