Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010-so far...

Time to catch up a bit. We've had a few very funny moments this year and I so need to post the proof. I had a good feeling about 2010 and it's already going by too quickly but we're loving it! This is definitely going to be an awesome year-I know it! So the picture above is quite obvious. Ryker found the marker's.

This was tonight. I'm still trying to get these rugrats to put all the books back.
I'm doing the dishes and all of a sudden I hear Ryker-"mess. I spilled." No clue how he got yogurt on his head/face like that.

This was hysterical! The Lincoln Logs tube was literally stuck to his perfectly huge head. He was crying and I was laughing my butt off and snapping pictures. I'm not a very nice mother. Poor baby. I almost had to break out the Crisco but somehow we managed it off.
At the park-weather has been perfect!

Dr. Doolittle caught a couple pigeons. Gross huh? We brought bread for the ducks and all the pigeons on the planet heard about it and flew over to us. The kids loved it.
Me want more cake!
Ding dong the goats are gone! But really, they asked for it. We came home from church one day to find them in the house. For those who don't know, they are not indoor animals. If I had had a gun, they would be dead. Although, it makes me sad to see this picture. The boys just loved them.
We got a Wii for Christmas and the boys even love it. Here's Jaxon skiing. And yes, he's wearing the smallest size underwear they make. :)

Hope everyone else is having a great year as well!