Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zonked out 111 04/20/13

This is Harlee in a nutshell. Marker drawn all over her, no clothes on, surrounded by her toys.

Mismatch 110 04/19/13

My husband is terrible at picking clothes for the kids. If I let them do it themselves, I usually ignore it but HE should no better. She came down wearing this. It doesn't look horrible in the picture but even she knew it didn't go because she put up a fight when he was putting it on her. Good girl Harlee!

Jaxon and baby 109 04/18/2013

Jaxon sure loves being a big brother to his sister. She started getting fussy but she was cracking up at him and he loved how she would grab his face.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby girl- 108 04/17/13

Can't get enough of this cute baby girl!

Baby prey mantis 107 04/16/13

Hard to tell it's a prey mantis. Somehow, Jaxon found it in the grass. Crazy!

Parent coach reunion at the park 106-04/15/13

I got to meet up with Niki. It was fun spending the afternoon with her. I owe that woman my life. All my kids were climbing the trees. Jaxon was determined to climb 10 ft in the air and I think he achieved higher than that. The stinker went climbing up a branch I hadn't noticed. He was so high and also so proud of himself.

Paleo 100%- 105 04/14/13

I have been on a strong medication for almost the last 5 years to help me with my Crohn's. It has been great because I've been in full remission BUT, I have to give myself a shot twice a month and it is an immune suppressing drug. This year we switched insurances and it will cost a lot more to take so I decided to try something I've always wanted to do- see if diet alone will keep me in remission. I'm scared to death to do this but I want to give it a shot. I think Paleo is the way to go on this one, although the one thing I will do differently is eat less pork and red meat. So far so good. I have had one day that I ate a few things I shouldn't have but all the other days, I am perfect! No sugar, dairy or gluten. Some days are harder then others but for the most part, it's fine. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Silly boy 104 04/13/13

Not sure what prompted him to stick stuff on his face but it sure gave us all a good laugh.

Mayzee 5 months 103 4/12/13

This little girl is finally becoming less of a demanding little pill. She can finally play with toys and be self entertaining for a while. I really REALLY love this stage. It's about this time that I hate my babies to grow any more. I adore this little angel.

Oh my Jo! 102 04/11/13

Man, this girl has been difficult lately. I think bringing in another baby has been hard for her (even though she adores her cousin). Time to get crackin on some much needed one on one. I do love her to pieces.

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs- 101 04/10/13

Are my boys the only ones that can't get enough of insects? best of all? They keep getting brought into my house and welcomed to the table. Nasty things!

Harlee's first dentist appt-100 04/09/13

She did amazing! She didn't say a word and allowed them to get pictures and clean and everything. She hesitated at the end when the dentist wanted a second look at her teeth but that was it. Such a big girl!

Making room 99 04/08/13

Lame picture of the day but this is all I ended up taking. My boys are outgrowing the train phase.

Hands chewing! 98 04/07/13

ha ha! I love how Charli doesn't care.

Charli-97 04/06/13

Stacy said it was her 3 month birthday and we discovered we were a day early. She is such a beauty.

Trey's Birfday-96 04/05/13

We had some fun at Chuck E Cheese! Happy birfday my sugar obsessed nephew!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love auntie Stac face! 95 04/04/13

I love when my sister steps in and helps me with the kids. She is good with them and they love her.

Baby girl finds her toes! 94 04/03/13

I love when babies find their toes! Mayzee has been slobbering away on them. She is getting so fun.

Park day! 93 04/02/13

Love our Brinson friends!

Mayzee turns blue 92 04/01/13

Harlee handed her something with blue color on it and my baby licked it all up. I was a little shocked and scared when I finally noticed.

Easter! 91- 3/31/13

We had a beautiful Easter! My family came over for a crepe bar and some egg hunting. The stupid turtle went after a green plastic egg. Pretty funny.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Camera! 90 3/30/13

I am so so pee your pants excited about this! I BADLY needed a new camera. My green fuji was no longer water proof, with a battery going bad, and the flash wasn't working. Brian found this newer version at a pawn shop for $25!!!! It works awesome! I will be checking out pawn shops more.

Ryker field trip and Easter with the Taylors and egg coloring 89 3/29/13

The whole fam went on Ryker's field trip to peter piper.

bif three-one 88 3/28/13

Brian's birthday cheesecake. Quite appropriate. He's quite cheesy. hahaha. budum bum psh

Harlee on her "tooter" 87 3/27/13

You would be amazed to watch her on this thing. She is quite talented.

Strawberries 86 3/26/13

We got ours. selves a beautiful red strawberry. Jaxon through a sour face said it as delicious.

New guests 85 3/25/13

My sister and her baby, Charli, came to live with us. We're kinda excited.

Sweet note-84 3/24/13

I'm not sure where the picture of the inside went so I will post later but it is so sweet and made me love being a primary teacher. I am pretty awesome so I've heard. :)

Ta Da!-83 3/23/13

I think it needs something else still but this was a lot of work and I got tired. Fun though!

Bench- 82 3/22/13

My neighbor gave me this awesome little bench. I decided to try and be crafty with it...

Sick boy- 81 3/21/13

My poor boy got strep throat. He didn't complain of throat pain so I thought he was just faking it to get out of going to school. BIG Mom fail this week.

Buddies- 80 3/20/13

Love my Rowen and Ryker!

Worms! 78-3/19/13

I took each of my kids out for "mommy time" this week. I let them all pick something out. Ryker wanted a container of fish bait, AKA, earth worms. Ick!