Saturday, June 18, 2011

All 3 kiddos got ear infections at the same time. Ryker was complaining of ear pain so I took him in. Meanwhile, Jaxon's sore eye was getting worse by the minute. When the doc was done examining Ryker, she suggested checking Jaxon in for his eye. Turns out he had pink eye with the ear infection. Aren't my boys too old for this ear infection crap? As I drove away I thought "I should have had them check Harlee since today is a Friday". Sure enough, she was up screaming all night. Took her too urgent care the next day and ear infection #3. Might as well, right? I'm already dishing out medicine. I found my boys like this shortly after the doctor. Ryker is aiding his poor sick brother. They can be so sweet (sometimes).


I know, right? I am so excited!

Harlee Jo @ 8 months

My oh my how this little girl has changed in the last month! She's got her two bottom teeth, she crawls, she pulls up, and she's more beautiful than ever! She is just barely getting over her second ear infection within the last month and is as happy as can be. She loves her brothers and loves pretty much anyone else who will smile at her. I don't know what I'd do without her little ray sunshine beaming throughout the house.

Swim lessons

My boys love going to Suzy's each year for swim lessons. They did so well and are like little fish now. So excited to take them to a pool. I have yet to swim this year.
They get to go down the slide the final day of lessons. Seriously, Suzy is the best!