Friday, February 25, 2011

Bye bye Roxy

Well, that was short lived. Sorry to disappoint but I really hate dogs. I mean, I feel for them and all but I really hate being their caretaker. I have enough on my plate and the last thing I need is to deal with a pup. Nothing personal Rox. You do what all dogs do and I just can't handle it. Brian thinks I have a mental issue but I don't care. Tonight is our last night with her and I couldn't be happier. If anyone would like to have this dog, let me know. She is staying with my brother for now but he can't keep her.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet Roxy

No silly. I still hate animals. Especially dogs. Well, it's not that I hate them. I love them. OUTSIDE of my home. My poor animal loving husband had come to terms that it would be several years before I agreed to be a dog owner. I have allowed all sort of reptiles though, which seem to have a high turnover rate at the Taylor home. Brian can't seem to decide which he likes best. Okay, back to the reason for this post. Long story short, my brother has been feeding this dog for the last few months-at the office. Yep, it's a stray that took a liking to Metric Roofing and its employees. My brother, Craig, finally trapped and caught it one morning, took it to the vet, got it fixed up (including shots), cleaned her up, and brought her home. Next was the hunt to find her a home. We were asked and I slightly considered it and mentioned it to Brian. BIG mistake. Once he realized it was a possibility, he begged and pleaded for me to get her. So here we are. Dog owners *shudder*. She is super sweet and attached to my boys (who love her more than candy. That's a big deal). She does what she's told, doesn't bark, and stays to herself. I couldn't have asked for a better pet but all pets, no matter how good they are, poop and that's what I hate most. And I hate licking and this one treats my kids' faces like lollipops. Ugh! If my kids weren't so happy, I would have no problem kicking her out the door. Oh what a mother wouldn't do for her kids. I was a pretty good mom before, but now I'm the bomb-diggity. Oh, I forgot to mention she's only about a year old so we'll have her for years to come. Yeah (this is definitely sarcasm)! No really, I'm happy she has a home and a loving one. She seems to fit right in and I'm really trying hard to not treat her like a big germ. :) Welcome home Roxy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jaxon and football

We signed Jaxon up for flag football this year and it is quite hilarious. He has scored 2 touchdowns so far and seems to like it (except when someone has the utter gall to pull his flag-HOW DARE THEY!).

Harlee's closet and 4 month pix

This is her at one of those times she pokes her tongue out for like an hour at a time. I don't get it. Is it fun? Does she want to lick me? Is she mad at me? What?
No, it really doesn't get much cuter than this.
Yes, those are skinny jeans. I KNOW!
This pip squeak has been so delightful. She has been the happiest baby ever! This is her on her 4 month birthday just as happy as can be.
Tried to get some cute pictures of her on her 4 month but she wasn't up for it while there was still light so these are as good as we got.
My little princess. Can you tell how much fun I am having dressing her up? I am so loving it! Here are her stats:

W: 12 Lbs 11 oz- 25%
H: 24 1/4"- 50%
Head: 16 1/4- 50-75%

Our whole family is just in love with this angel. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family. I'm not sure if her sweetness will last so we'll enjoy it as long as she gives it to us.

How Ryker "rolls" the dice

Snails and puppy dog tails

Random but I thought these itty bitty snails were a tinsy bit cute. My boys love to collect snails and watch them walk around. I just wished they had a better place to use than my kitchen table. Smelly boys.

Congrats to my Awesome Man!

Brian finally got a technician job at TRW! He has worked so hard for it and we are so stinkin proud of him. We have been so blessed he's been able to keep this job the last few years while they've had hundreds of lay-offs. He was very low on the totem pole when the recession began so for him to still be there and get a big promotion is HUGE! He works harder than anyone I know and it was overdue and well deserved. Congrats luv.