Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Princess is 2 months now!

I completely forgot on 12/10/10 it was her two month birthday. Luckily my aunt happened to take some pictures of her but I haven't gotten them yet so these are from today. Isn't her outfit adorable? It's a little big still but I'm just so darn anxious to get her into all these cute clothes. Although it was a little sad today, I folded up and put aside all her NB size outfits (except for one that still fits). :( Her 2 month appointment was Monday. Here are her stats:

W: 10 lbs 9oz- 50%
L: 22"- 25-50%
Head: 15.5"- 50-75%

She is definitely my smallest baby. Jaxon was over a pound bigger at this age and I thought he was such a runt. I'm grateful she's packing on the pounds at a slower rate but they're packing nonetheless. Funny story about her appt.- so the doctor asked if I've been doing tummy time. She asks that question at every visit to which I normally reply "no" and she scolds me for it. So this time I decided to lie and I said "yes". She put Harlee on her tummy and the twerp rolled right over. Something I may have mentioned she was doing had I actually been doing tummy time. I think the doctor may have caught me in my little fib. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Harlee's Blessing

Well, I really stunk in the picture taking department today. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of our family together or at least Brian with his daughter whom he blessed today. Grrrr. At least I got a few in her pretty little dress.
The dress was very soft and simple. I loved it!

Is this not the sweetest thing ever? She will follow in her brothers' footsteps and adore her poppy like they do.

Since Brian's been working nights, it's hard for him to come to church with me (at 1pm). I've been taking both boys by myself for a few months now and I've only taken all 3 alone once. It was nice having him there with us today. I love blessing days for my kids. It's a very spiritual day for me. It's also "proud mama" day. It's one of the only times I also take the opportunity give my testimony in church. Brian asked if I was going to do it and I said yes, aren't I supposed to? He said no but I can't not do it with how much I've been blessed with. We have a few obnoxious stressful issues we've been dealing with lately but one thing that brings me comfort is my family. I love them so much. I love my husband and children with everything I have. I have a lot of reasons to be grateful.