Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things that make you go "awe!" Day 20

Sucky camera again! Look how peaceful they look. Love Sunday naps. I would love them better, though, if I ever got one. :)

Chef Baby! Day 19

Nana has cuter pictures I'll need to remember to post but how darling is this?

Bikes, bikes and more bikes! day 18

So grateful for a husband who is active and gets my kids active! This was Harlee's first time on the bike attachment. Freaks me out! She's so little still but she did it and kept saying "do again". Have I mentioned that my garage is FULL of bikes. Barely have room for my car.

8 hours straight! Day 17

This baby slept through the night. She had been going 7 hours and finally broke that barrier and made it 8! Thank you sweet beautiful child!

We have big mouths #16

One trait I share with Harlee Jo is we are loud. Very. LOUD.

Night time movie #15

For some reason my camera is acting funny when I take pictures in the dark. So the quality of this is bad but look how happy and focused they are to watch a movie. On an average day, they don't watch TV at all so when I finally let them, it's like Christmas.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Couponing #14

I decided since I am officially a stay at home mom (still weird to say out loud), I thought I should do my part by saving some money on things we buy anyway. I am slowing becoming addicted to this whole game. Sadly, I don't know if I'm saving money yet. I find myself purchasing things I don't need or use for the sake of getting a great deal. I will need to hone my saving skills better but I have to say, it's super fun.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweetness is my girls Day 13

My parents bought my girls a few matching dresses. Aren't they beautiful? I love how much Harlee loves to take pictures with her baby. I could stare at them all day long.

Mayzee @ 2 months Day 12

WHAT!?!? Stop growing Miss Mayzee! She has her 2 month well tomorrow so I will post her stats later. You can just see in these pictures what an angel I have. She doesn't smile easily but when she does, it's worth all that goofy grinning and animal noises it took to get it!

Dirty girl! Day 11

Oh this child. She is definitely not as dainty as I envisioned her being. Ryker just asked me what is on her hands. It's just dirt people. Just in case you thought it was something worse.

Do Terra Day 10

I went to a DoTerra party because I have been hearing some amazing things about essential oils. Aren't these little sample bottles adorable? I have to say, I have tried both on Mayzee (since she has had some digestion and fussiness issues) and I have not noticed a slight bit of difference. For how much it costs, I'm definitely not convinced but we'll still keep on with the samples and see if we have luck with someone else.

Mountain biking Day 9

Brian took the boys mountain biking. It was 3.5 miles and I am told they did awesome. They are such little studs!

Miss Charli Rose Day 8

My baby sister, Stacy, had her first baby. She is the 5th cutest baby I have ever seen. :) Seriously though, she is perfect and I enjoyed snuggling her. Being an aunt rocks!

School is back on! Day 7

I loved having a winter break. I was quite dreading my boys going back to school. Waking up early in our cold dark house is difficult for all of us. Plus, I enjoyed having them around. It's more work to get them ready and take them to school than it is to keep them home, I discovered. BUT, they enjoyed their first day and are thrilled to be back at school.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

day 6

I love when we bless our babies. These days are so special to me and my heart overflows with love for my family. I am so grateful for my eternal family. I know that being a mother to these angels is exactly what my Heavenly Father wants me to do and had planned for me all along. I know it may sound corny but my dreams have truly came true. I am grateful to be apart of the Gospel. I KNOW it is true and I love raising my kids to learn it and know it as well. I know my Savior has felt my pain and my sorrows and because of his sacrifice, I can overcome anything through him. He lives! He absolutely knows me and loves me. These are the simple truths I am so grateful to know. I look forward to my new future with my husband and kids. I am beyond grateful for each member of my family. I am truly blessed.

Day 5

My sweet boys cannot get enough of this little angel. Seeing their love for her makes my heart happy. They especially love taking pictures with her.

Day 4

Almond flour! One of my other resolutions was to stay on my Paleo lifestyle. This is a gluten, dairy, and sugar free lifestyle. It really is best for me and my health. I go through a decent amount of almond flour which I bought in bulk for way cheap. With it, I make this joyous almond flour bread (among other things). It is, in my opinion, the healthiest way to live and I love it!

Day 3

Cousin day! We have sure missed Jerry and Evlyn coming over. Glad we got to spend the day with them!

Day 2

We have a library close by but since we are in a different county, we pay a hefty fee each year to use it. Well, our card lapsed in October and the kids have been bugging me to go the the library again. We finally went and renewed our card and rented a ton of books. I love how much these kids love books. I truly enjoy my reading moments with them.

New Years resolution day 1

I thought it would be fun to set a goal to take a picture everyday and blog about it. Pretty ambitious for me but I think if I can do it, it will be an awesome book and journal for our family at the end of the year. To kick it off, on the 1st Brian and I got to go on a much needed date. We don't get to hang out together often (or hardly at all) but on this day, we went on a hike together and then out to eat. The weather was beautiful and it was fun to spend time with my friend. I kinda like him. :)

Zoo lights

They were pretty much awesome! Very fun night!


 Harlee got her own Tinkerbell bed

 The boys got a bunk bed that they badly wanted (and needed). BUT, it was a real bummer that after all our careful planning of how to surprise them with it, they found it before any of us woke up. We were very dissapointed
 She is awesome on the scooter.

I can't believe I didn't take pictures of my parents amazing Christmas house this year. Once again, the food was fabulous and we had a great time (other than everyone was getting sick). Looking forward to the new year!

Christmas Eve

For the second year in a row, we didn't get a real Christmas eve due to sickness. Harlee woke up with pink eye and I learned later that what I was coming down with was the flu. Brian and the rest of the family went to the Taylor side and had a great time but the only pictures I got of the evening were of Mayzee in her cute outfit .

Mayzee is 1 month

It was not a good picture day. My sweet baby is 8lbs 8oz 21.5" long. She's my tiniest and I'm enjoying every minute. She typically sleeps a 6 hour stretch each night (Yay!) and she does well most of the day. She is smiling but it takes an awful lot of work. She is quite serious like a few of my other children. She even sleeps with a furrowed brow. Her siblings love her more every day and we are grateful for that! She's a doll and we just can't resist her!

Random end of the year cuteness...