Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hiccup trick actually works

A while ago Jaxon had hiccups. We decided to try a few things just for fun. We scared him, made him hold his breath and then finally, I hung him upside down to drink water. To our surprise and amusement, it worked. The second time he got them he asked specifically to be hung upside down. I did it pretty certain our luck wouldn't continue. Ha! It did. So now, this is what he does when he gets hiccups and by golly, it works every stinkin time!

**Oh yeah, Roxy is back and here to stay. My brother trained her and talked me into taking her back. She's a lot better now.


Check out these capes Aunt Amanda made! They are so dang cute! Thanks Manda! We love them!

Booster seats!

Ryker has been screaming bloody murder about his back hurting in his car seat. We decided to get them big boy booster seats. They like them a lot and so do we!

Harlee is 6 months

I'm pretty certain I can't love her anymore than I do right at this moment. Not true, I love her more already.

W: 14 lbs 15oz 25%
L: 25"- 25%
H: 17"- 75%

Friend time & BIG boy Ryker

What else is an empty entertainment unit good for? We love having our friend Kaeden over!

Note: See that Ryker is wearing underwear? Yeah!!

Toe sucker

I love to hear her smacking on her toesies.

Brians 29th birthday

The one birthday out of the whole year I don't have to do a fancy cake for. My man is a cheesecake fan. This was a good one too. It was 3 layers- vanilla, chocolate, and butterscotch. We had some friends over to celebrate. It was a lot of fun. One more year till he's 30. We're getting old. :(
These boys have no fear. Uncle TJ got these boys flying!

Happy St Patricks Day!