Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harlee is 9 months

She doesn't wear dresses that often lately because she crawls now. Skirts really get in the way and she's not quite sure how to handle it but to glare at the dress.
I love this.
This is how she looks when she sees one of her brothers. She loves them so much.

Sick again. Seriously.

Tis the season for my kids to get sick and stay sick. It has been, to be honest, a miserable summer in that aspect. Poor Ryker had another wheezing episode (had the same thing happen last year at this time). This time they gave us a machine to take home and keep. Poor kid. He also had ANOTHER ear infection. I guess his allergies aren't super great. On top of all that, Harlee is teething and big time! I really miss sleep. Sleep, can we please meet up sometime soon? I'm having a hard time without you.

4th of July

We have an awesome large brick square area in our backyard which is perfect for fireworks. We are grateful San Tan Valley allows us to purchase and use fireworks. We have had a lot of fun the last year because of it. Here we are just before lighting everything off. We enjoy it more than driving somewhere crowded, sitting in a crowd, and trying to leave with the crowd. It was a fun day.