Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harlee turns one. BOO HOO!

Classic Harlee grin. She has a sweet picture taking grin and then this sillier one. It's my favorite. These outside pictures were taken the day of her birthday.

Not afraid to get her hands dirty- That's my girl!
"Yes, I'm quite pleased with myself, thank you."

What can I say about our miss Harlee Jo (besides being the most beautiful and amazing daughter in the whole world *unbiased observation of course)? I know for sure that at her rattiest, bugary, tired, crankiest mess, I still couldn't be prouder. Thank you Jo, for a wonderful first year. I love you, baby.

Doctor's Appt on the 11th:
Weight: 19lbs 3oz- 25%
Height: 29"- 50%
Head: 18.25"- 75-90% (ha ha)

Jaxon's 5th birthday party

I was a little crazy this year. I let Jaxon have a sleep over for his birthday and then had Harlee's birthday the very next morning. AND GUESS WHAT!? I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! It all went so much better then I could have imagined. The kids all got along, they seemed to have fun and most importantly, Jaxon had a great birthday! They painted pumpkin jars, hit open a pinata, played on the tramp, destroyed the house, and got about 5-6 hours of sleep. Ha ha! Can't wait for next year! :)

At the Farm

Jaxon's class went to the farm on a field trip. It's the same one we go to every year as a family- Vertuccio farms. The price is good and they have so many fun things to do there! We had a GREAT time! Our favorite was this giant "air pillow" they've got. Even us old folk joined in the fun. I want one in my backyard. I lost a pound that day after jumping and running around on it. Ha ha!

Harlee's 11th month

When I have her hair like this, my family calls her a "who". Very sweet if you ask me.

Dove hunting-yuck

Thankfully, I decided to sit this one out this year. I don't get the excitement but it's wonderful that my boys have a tradition with their dad each year. They were so looking forward to it and had a great time- fetching the dead birds.

Swimming Fun!

You'd think they were fish! They are pretty photo-genic kids but get them under the water, and you're just in for a treat!